Antique and New Home Design in New England

What if you could experience the conveniences of modern life along with the charm of antiquity? With our new home and antique home design services, you can do just that. Fine Home Design can design a new home in a Victorian or art & crafts or colonial period styles or restore a historic home anywhere in the New England area.

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Fine Home Design

Historic Restoration of Antique Homes

Creating old house restoration plans requires specialized knowledge and experience. Our team works meticulously on historic home renovation projects, ensuring we preserve the vintage feel and look of your home.

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Fine Home Design

New Home Design

Fine Home Design is a leading architectural firm in the New England region. Whether you want an contemporary home style or need interior design to match your lifestyle, we have you covered. We work with you to understand your needs and preferences to design a unique space that reflects you only. These two homes were designed for sites in the Southwestern U.S. For antique style new homes see the portfolio page " New Homes in Period Styles and click on 'Southern Colonial' and ' Arts and Crafts style".

Fine Home Design

Victorian New Home Design

Victorian home design is known for its ornate detailing and beautiful colors. This house was designed in the more modest of Victorian styles. These elements create an aesthetically pleasing and inviting space. If you admire Victorian-era home design, we can integrate those principles of the Victorian era within your home. Through our craftsmanship, we make your space full of Victorian charm and character.

Fine Home Design

Victorian Home Renovations and Additions

In addition to home design, we also provide Victorian home restoration and addition services. Our creative experts can give your a home that truly Victorian detailing and character.

Fine Home Design
Fine Home Design