Fine Home Design   Design and Planning of New Homes & Additions,  Antique Home Restoration, & Preservation

Welcome.  I am Leigh Johnson, principle of Fine Home Design.  I will provide complete architectural services for your new home. I have done so for many people and in various areas of the country and in many styles.  

If your interest is an older home, whether you want to update your kitchen; remove an unfortunate addition; reconstruct a salvaged antique home, or restore a standing antique home, I am experienced and qualified to provide the documentation and to guide the project.  The manner in which I approach all of my work is with great sensitivity to the original details and character of the home and to the people who will live in it.  I have been working in this way with all my clients for 40 years. 

       When it comes to restoring or updating your old house, it is important to hire professionals who have real feeling and understanding of what makes an antique home wonderful because if they do not, your fine antique home may be devalued both in terms of its monetary value and of its charm & character.   The original 'fabric' of the home, its hand crafted details, and irreplacable patina are of great value.  If your antique home is properly handled its value will be preserved, and even enhanced.

      My knowledge of architectural history, 18th Century home design, and traditional craftsmanship inform my designs.   My practical understanding of the realities of home construction and finishing comes from over two decades of woodworking and contracting of my designs & plans.  In the end, my intent is that your home delights you, supports you, and inspires you.    Please view the Portfolio pages as there are many projects which speak of my accomplishments.

     Appropriate Additions for Antique Homes

     A key part of preserving antique homes involves sensitive updating.  Often an addition is the best way to preserve an antique home, if the property has space for one.  This way, the original home can be preserved and the addition can provide the new space for the update.  City homes may not have this option and the older the home, the more updates/remodelings it may have had.  Many antique homes have suffered from unfortunate remodeling. However, in homes that have had sensitive updates, these aspects may also be evaluated for restoration or preservation.  

   I will consider projects in any area of the United States.     Some areas of special interest and experience for me include old house restoration plans for homes in  Maine -  New Hampshire - Massachusetts - Connecticut - Vermont - New York - Pennsylvania - Wisconsin -  Minnesota - California from Carmel to Tahoe - San Francisco & the Bay Area - New Mexico -  and Arizona.